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Packaging design and sealing requirements of zip lock bag

Packaging design and sealing requirements of zip lock bag

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Nowadays, zip lock bag are widely used in Chinese markets and supermarkets, especially plastic shopping bags and food packaging have become indispensable necessities in daily life. Under this demand, more and more domestic manufacturers of customized zipper lock bags. In order to win the favor of consumers and users in the market, how can a zip lock bag manufacturer have a better product packaging design? Here is a brief understanding:
Common polyethylene (PE) zip lock bag are made of transparent materials. Color printing plastic bag color, used for color content, can be used for the back of the pattern has landscapes, various local landscapes, etc. As long as it can attract the attention of customers, it should be designed. The requirements for composite zipper lock bags are more complicated. Plastic bag manufacturers will highlight product features and upgrade packaging grades based on colorful design styles.
Pay attention to the printing of zip lock bag. Good colors should be realistic and beautiful. Although this will increase the production cost, in order to attract the attention of customers, we still make four sets of more practical, good, general, and low, which is the four colors often referred to in the industry. The plastic bags are printed very vividly and beautifully. Making seven sets of film means using seven color printing methods.
The content of the custom zip lock bag is also key. The content of the packaging and the customer's brand name can be designed very large. But it depends on the size of the plastic bag and the text should be clear and easy to read. There are no strict regulations on the text on the plastic bag, as long as the food contact surface is not printed. The art of brushes and words is played and operated by the designer himself.
There are generally three or more raw materials for zipper lock bags. After a series of combined processes, the plastic bag forms a functional composite plastic bag. Plastic bags have many attributes and functions. The plastic bag is divided into three layers: printing layer, functional layer and heat sealing layer. In the production process, many quality problems are often encountered. For example, the effect of heat sealing is very poor, and the factors that affect the sealing effect are heat sealing temperature, time and pressure.
The heat sealing temperature is a direct factor that affects the sealing effect of the heat sealing temperature. The heat sealing strength will be significantly enhanced, but when a certain temperature is reached, the heat sealing strength will continue to change. If the temperature is too high, the sealing part of the heat-sealing material will be damaged, that is, the "cutting" phenomenon will greatly reduce the heat-sealing temperature.
The main purpose of the heat sealing pressure is to achieve a satisfactory sealing temperature during the production process of the zip lock bag. The heat sealing pressure of zipper lock bags can generally meet above 20N/cm, but the heat sealing pressure will increase with the increase of the thickness of the composite film; if the heat sealing pressure is not enough, the heat sealing material between the three-layer composite zip lock bag cannot be lifted. Function, it will not even achieve the purpose of sealing. However, if the heat sealing pressure is too high, it will cause the extrusion of the molten material, and the heat sealing material will be squeezed, so that the edge of the weld will be half cut, which will affect the sealing effect of the zip lock bag and reduce the heat sealing strength.

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