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Precautions for using zip lock bag

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In current daily life, zip lock bag are more popular among people. But when you use the zip lock bag, you should also pay attention to some things. Let's take a brief look.
1. In the process of choosing products, you should choose a relatively clean and transparent bag, so that the raw materials used in the bag are in line with national requirements, especially the zip lock bag used for holding food.
2. It is necessary to choose clean and hygienic products, so that they can be used with confidence. Also, when you buy a zip lock bag, you can smell whether the product has an odor. If there is a peculiar smell, it may be caused by the defective materials used by the manufacturer. Using such products will pose a greater threat to your health.
3. Because the material function of making zip lock bag is relatively stable, when using it, it needs to be placed in a suitable environment, which can have a certain effect on extending the life of the product.
The zip lock bag can be used in many occasions, but when using it, what matters need to be paid attention to, let's briefly understand it below.
There are many advantages of zip lock bags, among which the popular zip lock bags have better moisture-proof function. Because there are many items in storage, it is necessary to have a certain degree of moisture resistance, and this zip lock bag can better achieve this.
In everyone's daily life, the role of the zip lock bag is very large. However, the quality of the zip lock bags circulating on the market is also uneven, so what issues should we pay attention to during the purchase process? Let's briefly understand what are the precautions for choosing a zip lock bag.
1. The quality of zip lock bags are strictly regulated, especially food packaging bags. When choosing, you should choose a zip lock bag produced by a regular manufacturer with a qualified mark. You can look at the light to check whether the zip lock bag is clean, the qualified ones are clean, and the defective ones will see dirty things. As long as the single-sided thickness meets the specification, it is not as thick as possible.
2. Judge the quality of the zip lock bag by sound. A good zip lock bag has a certain degree of flexibility, it has a lubricating feel when touched by hand, and it looks like wax, while a poor quality zip lock bag has a sticky feel. Hold one end of the zip lock bag with your hand and shake it hard. The loud sound quality is better. If the sound is dull, the quality may be problematic.
3. It can also be judged by chemical reaction. Use "fire" to judge. A good quality zip lock bag is flammable. The flame is yellow as a whole, and part of it is blue. When burning, it will drip like candle tears, with a paraffin smell; a poor quality zip lock bag is not flammable. The fire is extinguished, the flame is yellow as a whole, and the bottom is green, softening and drawing, and has a pungent smell of hydrochloric acid.