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What are the factors affecting food packaging bags

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Food safety has always been one of the most important things for people, so everything that touches food will be valued by people. Food packaging bags are no exception. Bad food plastic bags can seriously cause poisoning, so qualified food packaging bags What factors are affected by it? Let's take a look at it with the editor now:

food packaging bag
Food quality includes the color, flavor, nutritional value, shape, weight, and hygienic indicators of the food. Almost all processed foods need to be packaged before they can be sold as products. Although food is a product whose quality is most easily affected by environmental factors, each packaged food must meet the corresponding quality indicators within the set shelf life.
Food packaging bags are complex and changeable in all the circulation links from material processing to cost. It will be subject to biological and chemical infestation, and food will be exposed to light, oxygen, moisture, temperature, and temperature during the production and circulation process. The influence of various environmental factors such as microorganisms. The quality of food packaging bags changes due to the influence of environmental factors during the circulation process. The study of the influence of these factors on food quality rules is an important basis for food packaging planning.
Light has a great influence on food quality. It can cause and accelerate the decomposition of food towels' nutrients, and the reaction of food erosion and metamorphosis. It mainly manifests in four aspects: promote the oxidation reaction of oil in food and cause oxidative rancidity; make food The pigments in it undergo chemical changes and change color; make the green, yellow, and red in plant foods and the red in meat foods dark or brown; lead to light-sensitive vitamins such as B vitamins and vitamins. It is damaged, and bad chemical changes occur with other substances; resulting in the denaturation of protein and amino acids in food, so food packaging bags are required to add a layer of maintenance.