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What factors determine the price of composite food packing bag

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Food packing bags are mostly composed of composite bags, which refer to products made by combining various materials together. The compounding goes through several processes: compounding, printing, and bag making. What are the components of the price?

food packing bag
The composite material, thickness, and type of viscose (except for co-extrusion) affect the price of food packing bag. For example, the aluminum foil vacuum composite bag that can withstand high temperature 121 degrees sterilization. The material of food packing bag needs to be resistant to high temperature, and the viscose is also resistant to high temperature. The price is more expensive than ordinary composite bags. The larger the specification, the more materials are used, the more materials are lost when starting up, the higher the price, and the price cannot be directly proportional to the size of the specification. In the case of a small quantity, the price growth rate is higher than the specification growth rate.
The beautiful graphic information of food packing bag is printed, and most of the printing process is gravure printing, which affects the price of many colors and ink types. Consumables used in retort and high temperature sterilization packaging bags are still relatively expensive.
Different food packing bag types have different production losses and different equipment. Food packing bag production is complicated, the more loss, the higher the equipment price, the higher the price. The cost sequence of commonly used bag types: three-side seal; self-supporting bag; four-side seal; eight-side seal. The cost of special-shaped bag making depends on the degree of difficulty.

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