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What is holographic bag and the structure and use of holographic bag

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The holographic bag products is a packaging bag made of holographic film. In fact, this is how foreign customers call it. In China, holographic bags are generally called laser bags, and holographic films are also called laser films.

holographic bag Manufacturers china
Previously popular design stalks: what colorful black, festive white, colorful white...Look, isn’t this just colorful white? I have to admit that this is the special effect of the holographic film, no wonder some foreign customers call it a holographic bag.
Now let’s introduce its structure. As mentioned earlier, this is a product made of laser film bags. But in terms of style, there are so many fancy flowers. The first is the diversification of bag types: flat bags, envelope bags, ziplock bags, organ bags, large square three-dimensional bags, and special-shaped bags. Of course, this is not enough.
The laser film can also be combined with the bubble film to become a laser film bubble bag. Make the seal into a self-sealing mode, add a zipper puller, and it will become a laser film zipper bubble bag!
Finally, let's talk about the use of holographic bags, foreign customers generally use them as cosmetic packaging. When customers buy a variety of cosmetics, they will use the laser film zipper bubble bag for storage. It is both good-looking and convenient for customers, so why not leave a good shopping experience for customers.