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What is the difference between doypack bags and eight-side sealing bags

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Now, many friends have asked our editor here, in our daily life, how should we distinguish between doypack bags and eight-sided sealing bags? As an excellent doypack bags manufacturer, the editor naturally sums it up. The following knowledge, I hope to help everyone.

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When we buy food in shopping malls, we can often see a lot of them standing up for sale. Among the food packaging bags standing there are many doypack bags and eight-sided sealing bags. So which ones are doypack bags and which ones are eight-sided sealing bags? How can we make a difference? So today I will introduce to you: What is the difference between doypack bags and eight-sided sealing bags.
1.doypack bags
Many on the Internet say this: bags that can stand without relying on external support are called doypack bags. The editor thinks that such a definition can easily mix doypack bags, four-side seal bags, and eight-side seal bags. The editor gave this definition: a packaging bag that has a fold back at the bottom and 2 edges, one edge on each side, and a bag that can stand on its own after the bottom is stretched.
2. Eight-side sealing bag
The eight-side seal bag is also called the eight-side seal flat-bottom bag. Its bottom is flat and there are a total of eight sealed sides, hence the name. There are 4 sealing edges at the bottom and 2 sealing edges on the left and right sides, making a total of 8 edges. The eight-side seal bag has 5 display surfaces: 1 on the front and rear, 1 on the left and right, and 1 on the bottom. In this way, the eight-side sealed bag can carry more information and media information, and better display and promote food and brand.
3. The difference between doypack bags and eight-side sealing bags
After the previous description, the difference between the two is very obvious. First of all, the bottom of doypack bags is not flat, but the eight-side seal is; secondly, the number of seals is different, there are 4 doypack bags, and 8 are eight-side seals; third, the number of display surfaces is different, doypack bags only need two, eight-side There are 5 sealed bags. From a general point of view, the eight-side sealing bag is more superior than the doypack bags, with more three-dimensional effect, and more stable; and the cost is more expensive and the technical requirements are higher.