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Why are kraft paper bags so popular?

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Compared with other packaging paper bags, kraft paper bags have no advantage in terms of appearance, because kraft paper bags cannot be printed too much, and the presentation is still more "authentic". Driven by environmental protection awareness and cutting-edge fashion, packaging styles are undergoing quiet changes. At present, under the guidance of a group of designers and cutting-edge brands, the packaging of kraft paper bags is becoming a great hot spot in the industry.


As a packaging material, kraft paper has high strength and is usually yellowish-brown. Its greatest advantage is that it is low in production cost, and often does not require film, and the cost performance is very high. So what is the difference between kraft paper and ordinary paper? Why is it stronger than ordinary paper?


In the manufacturing method, kraft paper is not much different from ordinary paper. The main reason is that kraft paper uses relatively long wood fibers in the selection of materials, and uses caustic soda and soda sulfide chemicals to treat the wood. The advantage of this is that it can relax the chemical action of the material, so that the original strength of the wood fiber is less damaged. Therefore, the kraft paper made from this kind of pulp has tightly interdependent fiber and fiber, so kraft paper is very strong.


In addition, compared to bleached paper, the natural brown appearance of primary color kraft paper has a healthy and retro charm. Moreover, the natural brown of kraft paper makes kraft paper bags look warm, nostalgic, and has a rustic style, which is very unique when used as packaging materials. Today, when the retro style is getting stronger and stronger, it is reasonable that kraft paper bags are favored.


The second reason why kraft paper bags are favored is their practicality. For food packaging materials, its primary function is to provide convenience and practicality. In this regard, the strength of kraft paper gives it an absolute advantage, and only a strong enough outer packaging can keep the food from falling off. Of course, in terms of packaging liquid food, kraft paper can remain unchanged in a humid environment, so it can prevent the outflow of liquid food and play a better role in packaging.


In addition, kraft paper bags can also meet the requirements for the materials required for the packaging of frozen food. Compared with other foods, the temperature of frozen food varies greatly, and strength is the main factor to be considered for frozen food. In terms of strength, kraft paper is obviously better than homogeneous bleached kraft paper.


Our company is a senior manufacturer of kraft paper bags. We have very professional technology and strong experience to produce high-quality kraft paper bags at a low price. In addition, we also produce various other bags, such as video packaging. Bags, juice bags, etc.


If you are interested, please contact us, do not hesitate, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!