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holographic bag industry analysis

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Holographic bag is a sub-industry in the packaging industry and has achieved rapid development. Compared with other products in the packaging industry, holographic bag materials not only have a novel and beautiful appearance, but also have high-tech anti-counterfeiting functions. It is the most cutting-edge technology product in the world's packaging and printing industry.

customized holographic bag for home user
The application fields of laser materials have been very extensive, and they have been quickly promoted in industries such as food, medicine, daily chemical products, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, gift packaging, and decorative materials. In terms of product composition, holographic bag products can be roughly divided into three types: BOPP, PET and PVC.
From the perspective of process technology, the anti-counterfeiting laser film products used in the field of trademark printing are high-end products in the industry. The production process involves multiple technical links such as laser anti-counterfeiting plate making, film pressing, coating, and transfer, and the products have high standards. Added value. It is also widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, such as moon cake boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc., and the use of laser technology in these fields will increase. From the perspective of manufacturers, there are currently more than 100 domestic manufacturers capable of producing holographic bags, but with the exception of a few large companies, they generally exhibit the disadvantages of small production scale, single technology, and poor anti-risk ability. Relying on Taiwan’s long-term mastery of this technology and the development of supporting industries, Taiwanese manufacturers have become the forerunners in this industry and monopolized the early domestic high-end holographic bag market. Some large companies have introduced and learned foreign technology based on the domestic downstream The differentiated needs of enterprises have undergone technological transformation and technological innovation, and have achieved rapid development and improvement.

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