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child resistant bag CR01

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Product description

01) child resistant bags

Custom Printed Child Resistant Smell Proof Mylar Bags Resealable Grip and Pull Zipper Lock Gummy Candy Plastic Packaging Bags


02what type of bags can make this child resistant bags

It can be zipper top with child resistant zipper.


03) what is the material for child resistant bags?

The material is laminated PET/VMPET/PE, or BOPP/vmpet/PE

The material can be also BOPP/CPP,

If need matte finished effect, use matte BOPP material on surface layer.


04)what is the biggest size can make for child resistant bags?

The small size is 7x10cm and biggest size is 46x46cm or 18x18 inch.

The thickness also very important element, it is from 100mic to 200mic.

Popular thickness is 100mic,120mic,130mic and 150mic.


05) feature about this item

1, Child Proof and Heat Sealable: The smell proof bags for packaging features a child-proof design so you don't have to worry about children accidentally opening the resealable bags, and can be heat sealed to keep your items fresh for longer.

2, Versatile And Reusable: These matte black mylar bags are made to provide you with a convenient way to carry food, medicine, spices, and other strong smelling items while keeping odors locked in, making them the perfect choice for any occasion.

3, Just The Right Size: Each pack comes with 50 smell proof baggies that measure 5.91 x 3.74 inches to make sure they aren’t too large or too small, giving you the freedom to take them with you anywhere you go.

4, Durable And Waterproof: These reusable mylar zip lock bags are made with thick foil to make sure they can stand up to daily use. This no smell proof pouch set is waterproof to make sure anything you put inside stays safe and dry.

5, Keep Smells Locked In: The food storage smell proof ziplock bags use an airtight seal to make sure odors stay inside without escaping and feature a leaf-shaped window design, so you can easily see what’s inside at a glance.


06)are the child resistant bags customized?

Yes,we can print your logo and make the bags dimension you need in different bags style.

And in different material. Printing one to nine color. We can introduce you different design style.

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